DIY A4 Self Adhesive Labels (1 Per Sheet)

Code: 0000002050
Raw Material: Synthetic 75gsm
Colour: White
Size: A4
Presentation: 1 label per sheet/100 sheets per pack
Total: 100 labels per pack
Dispatch: 5 working days

Price Options:
1 pack     = $175.00 per pack
2 packs   = $165.00 per pack
5 packs   = $156.00 per pack
10 packs = $154.00 per pack
20 packs = $148.50 per pack


Product Information

DIY Self-Adhesive Labels allow you to produce long-lasting print messages including pricing, barcodes, plant and/or product descriptions for a wide range of nursery items. These labels are manufactured from high quality raw materials with a permanent, aggressive adhesive making them not only waterproof but suitable for many indoor or outdoor applications. Special coatings on these labels ensure the vibrant colours of your print message both stand out from the crowd and stand the test of time.  DIY Self-Adhesive Labels are the quick and easy way to create full colour labels instantly and economically.