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Tags and labels are not just tags and labels. They promote a brand, provide information and sell a product. At Tytags, we know that the purpose of a tag and label is what really matters. Our expertise in materials, adhesives and finishes will make the difference between the best tag or label for your application and a big disappointment.

Now printing at Guru Labels, one of the most dynamic digital tag and label printers in Australia.

We are an Australian tag and label printing manufacturer, not a reseller, which means:

  • Buy direct – competitive custom tag or label price.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Order in bulk and save.
  • Personalised expert tag and label advice over the phone in Australian business hours.
  • Artwork department for custom tag and label printing.
  • World class machines for digital tag and label printing.
  • In-house quality control with excellent attention to detail.
  • Ordering custom printed tags and labels with Guru Labels is easy and cost effective, contact us today!