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What our Customer’s have to say

The Westerway Raspberry Farm

The Westerway Raspberry Farm!

“The Westerway Berry Farm/Lanoma Forest Nursery is a family operated farm located on the fertile river flats of the Derwent Valley in Southern Tasmania. The Clark family have lived in this part of Tasmania for almost 200 years but have been farming only in the most recent 35 years. We have built a remarkably diverse range of agricultural and horticultural activities requiring tag and sticker solutions.

Our forest nursery grows between 500,000 to 1,000,000 trees each year (largely Radiata Pines for plantation forestry serving the paper and timber industries). We have been purchasing perforated tags from Tytags for over 10 years to enable us to identify which people on our farm lifted/harvested each bundle of trees, how many bundles they harvested each day, how many trees the planters in the forests had planted and lastly how the trees planted in the forest survive and grow and from which part of our nursery block they originated. Essentially, these tags act as a means of tracing and recording the life and handling of our trees.

When I heard Tytags had been taken over by Guru Corporation Pty Ltd and that older, inefficient machinery and processes had been mothballed, I was initially a little worried as we didn’t have another easy supplier for our tree tag needs. But I was relieved when speaking with Nick and Darren at Guru that they had ways and means of finding a solution for our problem. They asked all the right questions about what our challenge was and provided various solutions to overcome these. Guru turned around the job very quickly and we had new tags in Tasmania on the farm before we had exhausted our old existing stock. We couldn’t have been more pleased.

Nick then proposed that he might be able to provide our farm with sticker solutions for our various berry products. I openly and honestly said that I had been with another printer in Tasmania for many years and it would be difficult to entice us to switch but allowed Guru to quote just in case. What they came back with was fantastic. The quality and range of colours was great. The turn around time in which they could provide our order looked encouraging. And most importantly the price with which they could provide the sticker range was so good I couldn’t turn their quote down. After placing the order, Nick and the Guru team delivered our stickers in full and on time and the quality was as good as promised. I look forward to working with Nick and Guru in seasons to come.”

Richard Clark

The Westerway Raspberry Farm


Drewitts Bulbs

The labels have been cost-effective, with a speedy turnaround time frame.

“We have had the absolute privilege of working with Tytags in the development of their printed hang tags. The labels have been cost-effective, with a speedy turnaround time frame. In field trials, we have had the labels in the open, on product for 12 months with little fade or issue. We have used the tags on display stakes, having handled over 100,000 tags in the past year. This has enabled us to print for a wider range of products that often do not have a colour tag available.

Purchasing the tags on rolls makes order fulfillment easier, having rolls mounted to the wall and staff able to strip off what is required at the time, rather than having them left over or dropped on the floor. This assists in having vital working capital tied up for years at a time in plant labels. We love the glossy finish the tags carry, which really helps to ‘pop’ the product and merchandise it effectively.

Feedback from our retailers has been positive, with many loving the style and presentation. We look forward to utilising Tytags into the future as we expand our range of over 1,000 potted bulbs.”

Tim Drewitt

Drewitts Bulbs